What is a Pseudo?

'PseudoSMs' are virtual, online 'cards' that contain a Pseudo-Identity for a subscriber.  That false identity protects our subscriber's true identity as they travel the Internet and visit our network of partners. 

PseudoSMs can be issued directly by Pseudo-NYM or a partner organization.   When issued by a partner organization, a PseudoSM indicates the card holder is a member of the organization that issued it.  Just like membership cards in the physical world, PseudosSM indicate the card holder is a member of a particular organization.

Because PseudoSMs are online membership cards, they work just like membership cards in the physical world - with some important differences:

  • In the physical world, membership cards show the holder of the card belongs to the organization that sponsored the card.  PseudoSMs are an online version of a membership card: they represent the card holder is a member of the organization that issued the card.  
  • A unique difference for PseudoSMs is that the name in the card can be either the individual's real name or a pseudonym.  A pseudonym can be used to ensure anonymity of the card holder.  
  • Members of an organization can offer their PseudoSM (via an opt-in) to Websites and vendors that participate in our service.  By indicating membership in an organization, the card holder shows they are interested in offers or discounts that vendor may offer members of the organization.
  • PseudoSM are easy to use and share with Websites and a single PseudoSM can be used across our entire network of vendors.  
  • PseudoSMs are also very secure.  While easy to share with participating Websites, they are not easily shared like passwords.  They are also impossible to guess or impersonate.